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1. Which services does Tierpensionen-Schweiz offer?

Tierpensionen-Schweiz brokers professional animal boarding services for pets. Our providers are companies and individuals that provide their services on a full-time basis. As a result, they can meet the expectations of our customers in terms of reachability, qualification and professionalism.

Our platform is explicitly not intended for individuals that provide animal services on occasional basis or as a hobby.

2. Customer orientation

Tierpensionen-Schweiz offers pet owners a powerful search functionality, which allows them to quickly and efficiently identify those providers which have the right package of services on offer. Thanks to the clear structure of potential services, there is no need for lenghty enquiries when it comes to finding the best boardinghouse.

Providers of animal services benefit from the fact that customers can get a pretty good idea of the services they provide, before getting in touch with them.

3. Partnership

In a spirit of customer orientation, we see ourselves as partners to service providers and pet owners alike. Our portal is intended to offer a useful service to you and make your daily lives easier.

Did you notice something that is missing in our portal? Please let us know! It is our intention to develop our site further as we go. We will be happy to receive your suggestions.

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