Dog sitter - Dogsitting

If a situation arises where you are not able to take care of your dog as usual, but you don’t want to commit him to a boarding kennel, a dog sitter is the perfect alternative for you. Hiring a dog sitter presents a number of advantages for you and your dog. On our portal, we will tell you what you need to consider when looking for a good dog sitter, and how to find one. As this service is typically performed at the dog owner's home, the term ' homesitting ' is also used. Although homesitting actually means that a homesitter takes care of your home, when a dogsitter watches over your dog, they can watch over your home at the same time.

Dog sitter / Dogsitting - Advantages

If you hire a dog sitter, your dog can stay in his familiar environment. Especially elderly, handicapped or sickly animals don’t tolerate a change of environment well. They love their familiar routes and know their home in and out, with its places for sleep and rest, with spots for food and water.

Dogs appreciate regularity and reliability. If you hire a dog sitter, the ususal routines of your dog can be continued. Going for a walk, eating, sleeping and playing will take place at set hours. Your dogs can enjoy his accustomed rhythm without any changes.

A dog sitter will come to your place for a few hours or for days on end. While you are away at work or at other meetings, you know that your dog is in good hands. Another advantage: your dog will already be waiting for you when you come home. You don’t have to go somewhere to pick him up. Last not least, practical considerations will play a role: you save your dog the transport to a boarding kennel and the related stress.

Dog sitter – Finding a reliable one

Select your dog sitter carefully. He or she will receive a key to your apartment. After all, you would not only like to know your dog in good hands, but also your property and your personal documents. Therefore, at www.tierpensionen-schweiz. we present you only examined and qualified dog sitters who have several years ‘experience with dogs and can produce spotless references. Punctuality, reliability and honesty are key requirements for our dog sitters, apart from having a passion for pets. At Tierpensionen Schweiz, we have profiles from all over Switzerland. In the main cities, like Zurich, Basel, Geneva and Lausanne, you may also find an English-speaking dogsitter.

Dog sitter – short list

We recommend that you choose a few dog sitters from your region and make an appointment with them. Ideally, you invite them to your home, so you and your dog can get to know each candidate. Pay attention to how the dogsitter welcomes your dog. Prepare questions you want to ask the dog sitter. During a walk you may take together, you can observe how the dog sitter relates to your dog. If they harmonize, you can talk about the details. These include the idiosyncrasies of your dog, dietary requirements and payment. The dog sitters listed at, you will always have a reliable partner for your dog.

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